This is a no-fluff, straightforward, hands-on and highly impactful process to help you identify and actually move into the changes you want to make.

This process is all about YOU!

What's in it for you:

✓  Get crystal clear on the top 5 most important aspects of your life overall

✓  Powerfully connect with the vision you want to create for your life based on what’s most important to you

✓  Declare the path that will bring your vision into reality

  Gain the mastery of consistently staying in alignment with your priorities

  Feel the freedom of knowing you are in control of your future

The most actionable career transformation program for adult professionals. There couldn’t be a more opportune time for you to uncover the answers you seek to take a new lead in your life. Get the tools and the clarity you need with the: 

Best Life Blueprint Program

How it works:

☆  Private guidance through the 2-month program

      - Prioritize the top 5 most important things in your life

      - Describe what life will look like when you are living into them fully

      - Co-create a realistic, personalized action plan to move into your vision fully

      - Work with an experienced thinking partner who will keep you moving forward

☆  Weekly 60-minute telephone calls scheduled at your convenience

☆  Independent work in between sessions

☆  Investment: $697 or 8 payments of $90 each

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"Carolyne is a highly effective coach who did a wonderful job of guiding me through her Best Life Blueprint. Her program really helped me focus on what would make my life "ideal" and to see what I can do to increase my satisfaction with each of the aspects of my life that really matter to me. I highly recommend Carolyne. She is very professional and deeply cares about you having a blueprint to make your life the best it can possibly be." ~Marianne