Career Advice for New Grads—and Anyone Looking for a New Start

  It’s that time of year again—another class of college graduates are getting ready to don their caps and gowns, celebrate their hard-earned degrees, and head off on their next big life adventure: their careers. While it’s an exciting time filled with possibility, it can also be confusing and stressful. Many new grads put … Read More

What I Wish You Knew About My Need for Change

  I work with a lot of clients who are in a place in their lives where making a change doesn’t seem difficult—it seems downright impossible. They’re crazy busy with work and kids and social activities and the minutiae of everyday living. They don’t even have time to breathe let alone stop to think … Read More

To Create Your Dream Career, Look Inside Yourself

“For most people hell on earth would be to meet the person you could have been.” ~ Keith Cunningham Spring always makes me feel especially inspired about the prospect of working with people who want to create something new in their lives; people who want to “create spectacular” as Keith Cunningham loves to say. … Read More

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