Meet Carolyne Simi

How did a Professional IT Project Manager go from doing system conversion projects for major Financial Institutions in New York City to serving the Coaching community? By becoming a Career Transformation Coach. That’s how.


I got to a point in my career when I started thinking about making a change. I wanted something different in my life but I wasn’t sure what. So, I groped around, tried a little of this, some of that, got frustrated, confused, spent way too much money on highly questionable ideas, wasted a lot of time and got more than a little nervous because I wasn’t coming up with any good answers.


Then I discovered Coaching as a career and I was in my bliss.


While in the middle of my Certification training in NYC, a lightning bolt struck me. I realized that I had both Project Management and Coaching in the context of the career transition I was experiencing. I knew that I could help people who are longing for a change, get where they want to go much faster than the circuitous route I took.


That’s when Create Your Encore was born.


Create Your Encore has a mission to support all varieties of career transformation for midlife professionals. In CYE, you’ll find a proven system to guide you through your career life changes. The beautiful part is you not only get a Coach to help you with discovery but also a Project Manager to guide you through implementation. Seamlessly.


The focus is to help you create a sense of clarity about the career you really want to have with the most effective action plan that will move you into the career you desire.


Getting started is easy with a free introductory 1:1 Career Consultation. We’ll use this time to identify where you are in the process today, what you want to accomplish and the best way I can help you achieve your career transformation.

 Ready for 1:1 Time?


Use my online calendar to book your free introductory 1:1 Transform Your Career Breakthrough Consultation. All appointments are conducted by telephone.