San Diego | Owner of The Perfect Plant |

“I read every word of your website with great interest … largely because I found myself a few years ago in exactly the position you describe. I had closed my marketing consulting firm but knew in my heart that I had another chapter somewhere in me. I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Also, like you, I had launched a number of ventures over the years and had sunk quite a bit of money into trying to find my life’s work. Too bad I didn’t know you when I closed my company, because it took me several years after that to do what you take people through in six months or so. What interested me while I was reading your material was that I went through the process you describe, only I did it intuitively and very slowly, and without the vocabulary to describe it. But, happy ending. Eventually, I figured out that my next chapter was to establish The Perfect Plant. I did that last November and have never been happier. In fact, even though I’m making a fraction of the money I used to make, I’m a million times more fulfilled. Who says 67 is too old to start an entirely new venture? Looking back on my journey, I’m so intrigued that you’ve been able to break down the process into something concrete, not nebulous. I’ve forwarded a link to your services to a couple of friends who could definitely benefit from your guidance. I hope they follow through.”