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“I recently discovered and experienced “Create Your Encore” with Carolyne Simi. The process was very intense, interesting and took me beyond my expectations. What to do when our careers must stop – due to retirement, health or need for family relocation. How do we recognize and capture the vital interests that exist within ourselves? How can we bring them forward into the future with them? Sharing this course with Carolyne was a very enlightening exercise. With her guidance, I was able to gather some previously “strung together” random ideas and turn them into a very creative and interesting outline. This has excited me about the future. I have a sense of direction that inspires me and in the process I realized that I don’t have to wait to begin to create my encore! I can take steps now that will launch me into my next career and perhaps the most fulfilling and profitable time of my life! I highly recommend that you have a conversation with Carolyne Simi and embrace the opportunity to “Create Your Encore!”