Colorado Springs, CO | Intuitive Life Counselor |

“I attended Carolyne Simi’s “Transform Your Career VIP Weekend Retreat” because I knew she was the perfect person to help me create my ideal coaching business. I walked into the retreat overwhelmed with all of the services, products, and programs that I had to offer clients. I had so much to give but very little clarity on WHY I was doing it. Then I had a breakthrough that I didn’t expect. One of her unique brainstorming exercises opened my eyes and my heart to the “big why” of my business and my life. After revealing my hidden purpose, I began prioritizing the important aspects of my life and immediately took steps to build a business and career that I am finally excited about! Caroline’s tagline says it all: “Rearrange, Reignite, Reinvent Your Career.” That’s exactly what you’ll experience when you invest in Carolyne’s “Transform Your Career” program. Sign up for the next VIP retreat — it will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for your career… and your life!”