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Golden Dust

About Us

We are two women walking through life together - as moms, wives, friends, entrepreneurs, followers of Jesus - noticing what’s missing.  Together, we are working to fill in the missing pieces and lack of skills in self awareness, purpose, a clear sense of passion and good relationships.  We have a heart to walk alongside individuals in building their character and integrity while exploring their passions and purpose.  Our desire is to help prepare you for handling any real life situation with grace and love.


Our mission is to grow integrity and self-confidence in young adults through coaching life skills or high-order skills such as building character, teaching servant leadership, relationship skills, self-discipline, and self-awareness to reach full potential in life.

Encore is a drive, a goal, a mission to help YOU find your missing piece - the next step in YOUR journey and your best days yet. Allow us to guide you to your ENCORE


We use our values of peace, connection, and impact to shape curriculum and coaching for multiple age groups.  Core values are woven into every element of our program. We believe that these values set all individuals up for a more rewarding and enjoyable life, not only for you but those around you. We believe in building relationships and creating a culture that can unlock opportunity and equip individuals.


As humans, we are inundated with information beginning at a young age - but where is the information coming from and how does it mold and shape us as people?  Our programs comprise information and curriculum specific to developing character, positive attitude and integrity while building authentic confidence through life experience and situational preparedness. We, as parents and community members, see the culture of relationships and self-awareness changing.  Some major issues include:

     *The inability to have a calm conversation with disagreements

     *Lack of self-confidence

     *General bad manners when interacting with others

     *The inability to look someone in the eye or make an introduction

     *Youth who have no direction or guidance on their worth and how to create the success they were made for

     *Lack of a support system of kindness, loving direction, discipline, and accountability

We long to offer the guidance to create self-aware, confident individuals with a high self-worth and passion for life and others.  ENCORE and the curriculum involved will help individuals create just that - the next step in their journey toward success.  


Our programs cover many age groups and places in life.

We work with individuals, families, schools, professional groups, businesses, civic groups, individual college programs, individual athletic teams or entire athletic departments.  

We offer programs for a wide variety of age groups and life stages.  Listed below you will find something for Kindergarten through Corporate.  

  • Certified Pre-Cotillion Programs (Kindergarten - 4th grade)

  • Certified Junior Cotillion Instruction (private sessions for 5th - 8th grade) 

  • Certified High School Cotillion Instruction (private sessions for 9th - 12th grade)

  • College Prep Private sessions (High School Juniors and Seniors)

  • ENCORE College Development Program

  • ENCORE Professional Development

Inside each program, you can choose from our different categories of education and curriculum.  This way, we can tailor your plan to you. We will begin with an initial assessment and baseline review.

Inside the programs, we monitor the development and growth of participants through each piece of curriculum. As you work with us, we hope that you will begin to build confidence, be more self-aware and gain insight on your strengths/weaknesses guiding you to your true passion.


Whether you need basic skills taught or an overhaul of your team/organization.  Each piece of curriculum is designed to build on the other.  Examples include:

  • Professional Development/Etiquette

  • Program evaluations/Observatory visioning

  • Personality explorations

  • Relationship/self-awareness training

  • Team Building/Conflict resolution training

  • Leadership/servant leadership/community engagement

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  • Betsy Holleman is a native of southwest Virginia now living in northeast Tennessee with her husband and three children. Betsy has an extensive background in development of the non profit scene with over 13 years of experience in managing a non-profit, corporate partnerships, and fundraising.  Betsy and Brittany developed a passion in working with preschool to teenage youth in character building, table etiquette, basic manners, ballroom dance and relationship building and acquired the Greater Mountain Empire Chapter of Junior Cotillion.  Betsy’s vision for Encore is that all age groups would see the value in themselves, a desire to manage relationships in a more effective and considerate way and be more self aware - in turn finding the passion and path that God has called them to.

  • Brittany Shortt lives in Bristol, Virginia with her husband and two children.  The last 20 years have led her to co-create Encore which is the culmination of many personal passions.  Through her time working in banking, food service, non-profit management and fund development, event planning, teaching etiquette classes and time as a volunteer she realized that they all had one thing in common: we could all benefit from better relationship skills, self awareness, conflict resolution and a sense of purpose.  Pair this with the realization that two things are for sure - you can never get away from yourself and you will always encounter other people. Encore is the natural evolution of wanting to help others develop the skills in life that make each day more meaningful, enjoyable.  She combines her love of people and relationships with her drive to live by her values and purpose to help each client of encore build a life they enjoy.

Golden Dust
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